I am sure the grapes are sour

I am just documenting a couple Firefox settings that need to be fixed.  These settings can be modified in the about:config section of the browser.  Why Firefox seems to think they need to copy everything Chrome and Safari do is beyond me but they keep changing things anyway:

browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent, false -Changes the default behavior in FF4 to that of FF3.6 when it comes to opening tabs. After the change tabs will open at the END of the tab bar as GOD intended them to.

browser.tabs.closeButtons;3 – Places the close button at the end of the tab bar by itself instead of on each individual tab.  When clicking the close button the currently viewable tab will be closed.  This is a simple user interface standard that Firefox has botched-up back in version 3.  Close buttons per tab break good UI design because the tabs shift as they close and the close icons (when on the tabs) are NEVER in the same place.  Additionally, it is simply easier to close multiple tabs if you don’t have to move your mouse to close them.