Iraq and Bin Laden

Two articles that I ran into today, the first is a campaign piece from myway news.  In it Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry admits that he would have voted for the war regardless of WMD.  The statement actually improves my opinion of Senator Kerry because it was obvious to anyone who read his Iraq opinions prior to the election campaign that he was a big supporter of the war.  By making this statement he shows some honesty on this topic (something I have long sense given up finding in a Democratic President.)

The second article was sent to me by Jason Mical. Its a report by Alan Cullison on his discovery of an Al-Qaeda computer hard drive (actually two of them) in late 2001.  After reading some of the letters written by Abu Abdullah and Osama Bin Laden it is amazing these people were able to organize a trip to the telephone booth let alone the largest terrorist attack in American history.