Looking for Trouble

My goal in life (and this blog) is not to become a gigantic link-bot but I never seem to finish all the articles I want to save and return to… until I do. So here is the most recent reading life I have for June of 2013.

Other Technology

  • Build Your Own Google TV using Linux, Nodejs, Socket.io, Linux, and a RaspberryPi
  • arkOS your own personnel home cloud (without the NSA) on a $35 RaspberryPi.
  • TTYtter a command line based twitter client for Unix.  Can be run in disconnected mode (for a stand alone twitter “bot”), has some initial support for libnotify, and can even be scripted.
  • Using Git to backup $HOME One developers experience using Git as a home directory backup, tracking, and versioning system.  I am working on the same idea right now.
  • Configuring Keyboard Layouts on a per keyboard basis.  Particularly useful when F*$*(#NG Apple decides to move the Alt and Cmd keys from their 30 year old locations… but all your USB keyboards use the default locations.

Start-ups and Business

  • Startup Advice 95 pieces of advice Sam Altman has heard about creating, managing, and developing a startup.

Software Development

  • Shortcut Training Interval Training for learning keyboard short-cuts.  Including Vim & Emacs
  • Github Pre-commit hooks StackOverflow topic discussing setting up and testing pre-commit hooks on Githubs JSON API.  Github actually has a pretty decent into into some of their other hooks as well, see Post-Receive Hooks and Testing webhooks
  • Complex Responsive webapps more of a personnel anecdote than a tutorial but has some really good information on building responsive websites… after the fact.
  • Introducing Foreman Start-up manager for multi executable webapps.  Specifically in Ruby

Debian Linux

  • mini-dinstall On-line man page for mini-dinstall.
  • dh_install StackOverflow explanation of setting up a simple direct copy install rule for deb packages.  Particularly useful for web deployment packages.
  • gem2deb Github project page for gem2deb software.  Helps in created deb packages from Ruby gems also check out the Debian Ruby Packaging Team Wiki.
  • deb package building Debian.net forum post covering package building.  Some useful tips from here.  Honestly, RPMs are still my preferred method for building software packages.
  • debchange manpage debchange is probably the simplest way to create changelog entries in Debian.  Changelog formatting (a requirement to build packages) is a seriously painful process without this.
  • Debian Maintenance Guide This is chapter 4 that specifically covers debian directory file requirements when building deb packages.  Chapter 6 covers building, the Mentors FAQ  and Package FAQ have some good information as well.
  • Debian Admin Handbook Particularly this chapter (15.3) covers setting up an APT package repository using mini-dinstall.
  • Using dput with mini-dinstall A quick tutorial on using these two systems together.
  • dpkg cheatsheet Because I didn’t know how to do rpm -qi and rpm -qa in dpkg.
  • Debian Ruby Packaging Team Info includes tools, tips, standards, and links to information about packaging Ruby gems on Debian.