Frittered away by detail

My first reading of the http 2.0 draft proposal left me with the feeling that they were trying to address issues that are not really problems.  At least, not a problem unless you happen to be someone like Google or Cisco.  Part of what has made the internet so ubiquitous is the easy ability for people to see and understand the basic underpinnings of how everything works.  For example, I challenge you to find a developer who didn’t start their career by right-click -> View Source’ing a website. This is the very same reason that exceedingly popular web specifications are commonly NOT industry specifications. For example something like XML is so obnoxiously complex and excessive that it often seems like the only companies using (and making money) of such technologies are large institutional players like Oracle and IBM.  Instead start-ups, innovation creators, and entrepreneur continually choose things like JSON because it is simple and easy to make robust.  Honestly, I don’t know a single developer using AJAX that actually uses XML (the X in AJAX) because all it does is add size and complexity.

If you get the chance please read this great post by The Accidental Businessman.  It does a good job of explaining some of the issues I see in http 2.0 and what we are loosing by making a more “computer focused” internet.