The Power of KDE

One of the most advacned development tools of any environment is KDE’s UI scripting environment (aka DCOP) and a GUI scripting tool by the name of Kommander.

Kommander may be a revolution in application development, unlike any other tool created for scripting. What Kommander does is essentially extends the power of RDE to scripting. Language support include Bash, sh, Csh, Zsh, straight DCOP, or even Javascript. has a two part series on Kommander that should be required reading for anyone who is starting to do development on the Linux/KDE platform.

What is amazing is that the bulk of execution time is actually done by the KDE application binaries themselves; meaning that Kommander applications run almost as fast as stright C++/KDE/QT apps. Peviosuly I have talked about kdialog and its uses as a GUI interface for commandline scripts. Kommander takes this functionality to the Nth power.

Couple other quick KDE tutorials are: