I am still working getting used to Moveable Type and the way it posts these comments. Not too bad for the first day.

Discovered how to use bookmarklets to make comments into my weblog without leaving the website I am currently at (and without going to the MT entry page.) Pretty handy. This is actually my first bookmarklet post.

I am also trying to get mozblog working. Mozblog is a built in utility for adding/editing weblog entries from within Mozilla. Has some really nice extended features like spell checking, local storage, automatic ftp uploads (for weblog hosts who support ftp.) I have little luck so far tho. It installs fine but errors out (with a Server Status 200 non-the-less) when I try to add my Moveable Type server to the server list. Moveable type is even a pre-configured option for mozblog…. sooooo I submitted a bug report and will leave it to another day.

Changed the default style sheet about a dozen times. I am fairly sure this is one of the fist things people screw with when they install a weblog like Moveable Type (God knows we all love Eye Candy.) The one I settled on was not my favorite but it does not have any of the rendering problems that I found in my first choice. I will play with the css file later and fix the problems I had.