Rockers Software keeps a apt repository going of applications that it finds useful. You are welcome to check out the Applications that we have built rpms for. The RPMS are built for Redhat 8, i386 platform. RPMS for Redhat 9 are in the works. If you would like to use apt4rpm to download/install its simply a matter of adding:

rpm i386 rockerssoft
rpm-src i386 rockerssoft

to your /etc/apt/sources.list. Information and RPMS for apt4rpm can be found at freshrpms.

I plan on listing more information (along with page links to application websites) later on, but right now my first concern is with maximizing the number of RPMS/SRPMS available. There are about a gazillioin (well maybe not actually a gazillion) Linux apps the Redhat fails to provide RPMS for.

Most the the RPMS in the repository were built by myself. Some of them were built by others but are not listed on any of the “common” apt repositories so we created our own. Currently we have RPMS/SRPMS available for the following applications:

  • Gideon (aka Kdevelop 3.0)
  • graphviz and its dev packages
  • gtknw
  • gwenview
  • k3b
  • kconfigure
  • kgpg
  • knetmonapplet
  • knights and its themepack
  • konserve
  • konversation
  • kopete
  • libgc and its devel libs
  • mono and its devel libs
  • openslp
  • qtella
  • scribus, its language pack, its scriptor, and its SVG exporting tool
  • webdot
  • wxPythonGTK
  • Soon… tse3 and kguitar

If you have some applications you would like to see in the apt repository please let me know.