Vault KM

Passing along another couple links.  First I have made a small change to the site.  I have added a web tools sidebar filled with some useful web knowledge tools. They include two mailing list links; one too The mail Archive and the other too Geocrawler. All the links are wonderfully useful and commonly used by myself.

Perl and RPM: together at last

Holy crap!  I have found what has to be just dang near one of the most useful websites in history.  rpmpan combines two of the most used aspects of my development world.  RPM and Perl CPAN.  The dang thing is even apt aware!  God must freggin love me.

In additional news another great apt source that I found is jpackage. Jpackage is an apt repository for rpm based distro’s that works to keep copies of the mostly commonly sought after Java apts in one location.  Very very nice.  When they are up.

Learning Linux

I am looking to take the RHCT in late September and as such have been keeping my eyes open for tutorials to study. 

One of the best links I found was RHCE 2 B an RHCE prep site with several useful tutorials. It looks like the best RHCE prep book available currently is this one, and although they are not RHCE tutorials; IBM has been running a series of tests for the LPI certification that seems to cover much of the same material.  I have copied the articles (in pdf form) locally:

This should keep me busy over the weekend.

Tell me what you really think.

Thursday afternoon humor.  Boy some of these are really funny.

This car just looks terrible; it looks like it was designed by a blind child with arthritis. In a coma. Whoever chose the color scheme for this car was probably asked to do so at gun point, because I don’t think it’s possible to choose two uglier colors.
–maddox description of the Honda Element.

KDE development for non-programmers

If you are not a programmer but still want to help out with KDE development there are lots of things you can do.  This tutorial is the first in a new series to do just that.  It teaches non-programmers how to add “What’s this” support where its lacking.  Just think about… submitting patches and updating applications just like a full blown programmer.  Its a great (and needed) way of becomming a KDE developer.

What a s/dog/babe/

Ever wonder exactly what air brushing does to photos of models?  How does the before image compare the the after image?  How pretty do you really need to be to make it as a fashion model in an “air brush” world.  Check out this little eye opener and see.

News that leans is a conservative news and commentary website I found today.  I am generally socially liberal and economically conservative (with the exception of a few important issues.)  Found the site interesting enough to want to go back and read more articles.  With all of the liberal bias in the media it was nice to read some news articles that were slanted the other way.