Fun and Games

Ever wonder who invented the venerable Ctl-Alt-Del?  Well here ya go.  I found it interesting how it was only intended as a programming tool.  I always find it funny to see how random events become mainstream…

For some mid-day fun, a friend pointed me to this helicopter game.  My best score is only 912 but I have not gotten much practice at work.  Some practice… but not a lot.

Love in an Elevator

In what has to be one of the coolest things I have heard about in a while, this story at talks about host technologically close to producing a “space elevator” we actually are.

The theory goes something like this… get a super strong 62,000 mile long ribbon/nano-tube; attach it (very firmly) to the ground; attach other end to a large weight up in space.  If you can meet those criteria then the centrifugal force and the Earth’s gravity will keep it tight.  Then its imply a matter of sending electrical vehicles up and down it.

The idea has been around for a long time (the science is pretty sound for it) the problem is the strength of the materials involved.  Well, it looks like carbon nano-tubes can easily handle the load.  Maybe this is just the ticket to fixing the 40 year mistake that has almost screwed my generations aspirations for space travel.

What to eat

RecipeSource is a website devoted entirely to recipes. Had a pretty good hot sauce recipe. I am always looking for food recipes.. pretty good search function too.

My wife found a good way find food to cook with what we already have in the house. She puts the list of ingredents in google. Works amazingly well.

NPR missed this?

Censored 2004 is a report of the 25 least reported (but most important) news stories of the year. The news stories mentioned were, of course, not actually censored but more precisely downplayed or under-reported. The “value” of the importance of the news stories (and thereby the overall determination that the news stories were “under-reported”) comes from the founders of the project: Sonoma State University (a small Liberal Arts college located in California.)

Its an interesting read, and there were several interesting articles although I am sure most of you can guess the political slant of the project.  Good stuff, but it totally fails to meet any semblance of political neutrality (…like anyone expected to see it in a liberal arts college in California.)

More Jeep

Web Jeeping is another online used jeep dealer I found and have been looking at. Some other useful Jeep links are Jeep Engines which does performance rebuilding of Jeep engines, and Used Parts (I will let you guess what you can get there.) If anyone knows of some really good online Jeep dealers (that sell CJ’s) drop me a message please.

KDE Power

The KDE Developers conference was held a couple weeks ago and the slides and presentations from that event are now available here. I make note of them because of a particular interest in the status of Kdevelop and the howto for kconfigure.