Overdue Links

Ok, I have a whole bunch of old links that I have been meaning to post here for a while and just never got the time. So without further ado:

  • Big D & Bubba Arcade -On-line flash games for waisting time.
  • CGI XMLRPC -How-to tutorial on getting CGI to use XMLRPC.
  • Crystal Space -The Open Source 3D development toolkit.
  • Plane Shift -The Definitive Open Source MMORPG game that uses Crystal Space.
  • Single Signon -An IBM tutorial on implementing a single sign-on solution.
  • Moho -The cross platform vector based Web Cartoon development enviroment. ahem… ADAM!
  • Garage Games -Closed source Linux games.
  • J2EE by Sun -A SUN Microsystems tutorial on J2EE development for people with Java experience.
  • LiteOn Airboard -The ultimate HTPC keyboard solution. Thanks Jason!
  • The Sphinx Project -Open Source voice recognition software.
  • Lib WordPerfect -A library for importing Word Perfect documents.

Hope some of you find these links as useful as I do.

Joke of the Day

Tom’s Hard News has the most entertaining news of the day. Evidently Scott Richter (of Spam King fame) is filing suite against the owners of Spamcop. The basis of his suite is defamation. Spamcop evidently has “soiled” the reputation of his company.

Funny I would have thought that being a spammer would have been enough to spoil his companies reputation by itself. Its my opinion that spammers occupy Cocytus; along with Lucifer himself. “All hope abandon, ye who spam!” Crap, I wonder if I will get sued for defamation now.

Tech Business

Got a twofer today on the technology business and how those businesses can complete. The first article is called Why MySQL grew so fast and talks about the massive adoption of MySQL and its place as a disruptive technology. The second article is Shake Your Groove Thing by PBS columnest I, Cringely. It talks about how companies (like Google and Adobe) can and do complete with Microsoft.

One of the strongest points the article makes is that Microsoft in no longer an actual technology company. For example, it has more lawyers working for it than it does programmers. If you want to compete in the world of technology, these articles are a good place to start.

What Death looks like

This story from “The Australian” newspaper talks about a Brithish documentary that was seen on TV a couple days ago. The name of the documentary is My Feotus, and it shows footage of actual abortions in the 4th, 10th, 11th, and 21rst weeks. A couple quotes from the story are:

When I interviewed a doctor about the unpleasantness of performing late abortions it was difficult to listen and not believe it was morally wrong….

I swallowed. I didn’t want to say it, but the word ‘murder’ came to my lips…

Both quotes are from pro-choice advocates. My question is, if you conscience is telling you that something is morally wrong then why arn’t you listening to it. Especially if the action in “question” is the possible murder of another human being. I have a hard time not seeing abortion as the slavery issue of the 21st century. That thing we all know is wrong, but, darn it, it sure makes our lives easier.

Election Money

I am starting to put together a little rant on my current opinion on the US presidential election. One of the best resources I have had (a resource I found during the last presidential election) is Opensecrets.org. What Open Secrets does it track money during elections. They have local (yes local), state, and national information; and I have found the data to be very accurate and fairly represented.

Being thats its almost impossible to get any unbiased information from public media outlets (be it the New York Times, the BBC, or Fox News) Open Secrets is an exceptional tool. If any readers have a good source for unbiased political data please let me know by leaving a comment.

Homeland value

Sorry for the long delay in posts. I have been out of town on Linux training the last couple of weeks. I don’t know if I got my RHCE yet, as Red Hat has not emailed me with my test results. A co-worker pointed me to this link today. Its the website of the Cleveland County Assessor of Oklahoma. The interesting this is that you can actually do lookups on Cleveland county property. Find out things like the previous owner, current owner, how much they paid for the property, etc.. Pretty interesting but I was under the impression that some of this information was illegal for distribution without consent of the owner.

Net TV Guide

Mike pointed me to epguides. Epguides is bascially a listing of almost every TV show series ever made on network television. Nice resource for finding out which season Josh gets shot in “The West Wing.”