I have been getting inquiries into my opinion of President Bush and, more specifically, why I am probably not going to be voting for him. I have a article I am currently writing that will delve into more details concerning my current political leanings but for now here is the short list. Things that Bush has done that bother me:

  1. No Child Left Behind – Because its unconstitutional.
  2. Medicare Reform Act – Because its the largest entitlement program in 30 years.
  3. Legal Status for Illegal immigrants – Because you don’t reward illegal behavior.
  4. McCain-Feingold – Because it made it illegal for me to express negative views about a candidate during certain parts of an election.
  5. Patriot Act I – Because it trampled on the rights that it was suppost to protect.
  6. Patriot Act II – See above.. only worse.
  7. Ashcroft rewards Microsoft for being a monopoly – Because Teddy Roosevelt is rolling over in his grave.
  8. American citizens as enemy combatants – Because the constitution is suppost to protect ALL citizens of the US. Regardless of our crimes.
  9. Deficit spending – Because Republicans used to be considered fiscally responsible.

Things that Bush has done that don’t bother me:

  1. The War in Iraq – Everyone thought they had WMD. Think 9/11 with mustard gas.
  2. Tax cuts – I don’t have a problem with tax cuts, just with excessive spending.
  3. The economy – Anyone who gives Bush a hard time about the economy is either an ignorant fool or trying to score political points. The economy is the one thing Bush handled VERY well.
  4. World displeasure with the US – Its not the job of the President to do what is best for the world; just for the USA. When was the last time France acted in the best interest of the US?