Daily Archives: August 25, 2004

Speech Recognition on Linux

Five links related to speech recognition (SR) software on Linux.  Non of them seem very impressive (especially considering IBM no longer supports Via Voice on Linux) but hopefully they will improve.

  • CVoiceControl -Formerly known as KVoiceControl.  Includes a basic voice SR engine and command line trainer.  Compile works but sound card support is prehistoric.
  • Xvoice – Interface for Via Voice SDK software.  Requires an old Licensed IBM Linux version of Via Voice.
  • FreeSpeech -Has its own SR engine but unable to compile because of old gcc requirements.
  • Spinx4 -Currently most active Open Source SR software available.  Has a couple corporations working on it (although not necessarily actively.)  Entirely Java based. No front end available yet.
  • NICO Toolkit -A general purpose toolkit for constructing neural networks and training through back-propagating learning algorithms.  Has some SR capabilities.  Usable for more than just SR.

Wednesday Humor

A chicken and an egg are sitting in bed together.  The chicken is smoking a cigarette and has a very content look on his face.  They egg is laying there all tense with a huge scowl.  The egg leans over to the chicken and says…

“Well, I guess we know the answer to that question!”