Software Testing Strategies

Test Smarter, Not Harder is an article by Scott Sehlhorst that covers software testing (the information can actually be applied to all forms of unit testing) and how to reduce the cost of application testing.  The fundamental idea is that if testing costs are greater than not testing then you are better off NOT doing the testing.   Therefor emphasis should be spent in reducing the cost of testing so it become practical to test more often.  Topics covered include automated testing, random sampling, pairwise testing, and N-wise testing.

The Climate of FUD

The Wall Street Journal is running on opinion piece by Richard Lindzen of the MIT school of Atmospheric Science. In it he answers some commonly misunderstood preceptions about the effects and causes of global warming.

While we are on global climate check out “What if all the ice melts
and “Faqs vs Global Warming.” Non of these articles are suprising to climatologists and meteorologist (trust me, I live with one) but to the vast majority of the population is comes as a total suprise because of the ignorance of the general population on this subject.