The Last Piece

The only thing keeping me from redirecting all the blog traffic to is a feature I have come to like; but never had for wordpress. That feature is my reading list plugin. Well, that is about to change. Now Reading is exactly what I have been looking for. As soon as I get a free chance to implement it; we will finally be moved in. Much like when we unpacked that last box at our new house…

…a year after we moved in.

Filesystem Synchronization

I have been looking at tools to synchronize my work machine, laptop, and home computer.  There are literally dozens of options for this on Linux but it looks like the best two are rsync and Unison.  Both are command line applications with GUI frontends available to them.  Specifically I have been looking at QSync which implements the rsync protocol internally and uses Qt.

State’s Rights vs. Slavery

I had a die hard Confederate teach the Civil War back in the 8th grade. One of the many myths that we were taught was that “the Civil War was not about slavery; it was about state’s rights.” To prove overwise, I present to you the Constitution of the Confederate States of America and exactly how it differs from the U.S. Constitution.

Finally Found

Sometimes it is difficult to find the location of opensource software. It is not always available where you would look for it. I have been looking for the source code location of Adept for a while now (well, I haven’t wanted it so badly that I was willing to install Ubuntu.) Currently the only source copies are in KDE svn. Get adept from anonomous KDE svn this way:

svn co svn://