And the truth…

I have been glued to Cato-at-liberty for the last couple days. Cato-at-liberty is the official blog for The Cato Institute, the definitive classical conservative think-tank. I have become so sick of both parties (Democons and Repulicrates), and their constant hypocrisy that I haven’t even been able to blog about them. Reading the posts on Cato-at-liberty has been like a breath of fresh air for me. While I may still catch the occational literary trash; I have basically given up on intelligent political discussion, from the any mainstream media source.

Here are some of the web resources I have been reading lately. They have NOT been dumbdown for your reading pleasure:

Mail Server on OpenSuse

Quick link to a mail server install that I have been working on for a client. These are simply some notes on getting SMMP, cyrus-sasl, Postfix, and POP3 working with SSL. The information also includes creating public key certificates and signing them. The intended platform is OpenSuse 10.2

The notes are based on a article titled The Perfect Setup: OpenSuSE 10.2.

Public and Private… Parts.

I constantly forget how to setup a shared key environment for OpenSSH. It is pretty easy to find a tutorial on The Linux Documentation Project or How-To Forge but why do that when I can just have one here for me to find. This is a quick-and-dirty example of generating public and private keys, using shared-key authentication, and configuring an SSH agent. Eventually I will write a kde-agent so you don’t have to use the gnome one… but that is for another post.