Monthly Archives: August 2007

It is easy to be brave from a safe distance

Sorry for the long delay in posts. It took a while but someone finally created a Google Maps powered routing tool for runner and bikers. It even lets you save your route. Below are a couple routes I have been looking at around my house:

  • 15 Minute: A short timed route that takes just about 15 minutes for me to run.
  • Here is the default 2 mile route I run around my neighborhood.
  • 3 Mile Route: I have been looking for a good one for a couple years now. It took sixty seconds to find with this page.
  • 3 Mile Number 2: Because who wants to go the same way every time.
  • 4 Mile Route: Need a route that is longer than the 5k I will be running.
  • 5 Mile Route: My first long, post 5k run.
  • 6 Mile Route: This is a hill training route for my up-coming 10k.
  • 6 Mile Route: Flat campus route for daily marathon training.
  • 7 Mile Route: Final run before the Sept. 10k around Lake Hefner.
  • 8 Mile Route: My first route that takes me through OU campus.
  • 8.7 Mile Bike Route: When my shins get bad, and I have to take a break from running.
  • 10  Mile Route: Double digits at last, and it only to me 9 years to get back to them.
  • 11 Mile Route: At some point I am just going to have to circle the whole town.
  • 12 Mile Pre-Half Route: Longest run before the half marathon in Tulsa.
  • 14 Mile There and Back: Run out to lake Thunderbird rest stop and come back.  Good hill work.
  • 16 Mile Loop along Section Lines: Gotta love Oklahoma grid sections.  Sure makes it easy to figure long routes.  Sooner road and Depot Blvd mostly.
  • 18 Miles East/West Lake Loop: Many marathoners don’t run more than 18 miles before their first.  Hopefully this means I am within reaching distance.
  • 20 Flat Route: First time over I-35 and back.
  • 22 Mile Flat: Still trying to take care of my knee; so flat routes are the rule.  Actual milage is a little over 22 but I honestly am not that picky any more… well at least until 26.2.  Last long run before the OKC marathon!