False Advertising

Hey morons at Intellinet Network Solutions.  Guess what?  It’s NOT power over Ethernet ready if you have to put a disclaimer in your manual saying:

As the embedded PoE modules of NETWORK IP CAMERA 550710 and NETWORK VIDEO SERVER 550000 are slightly different from IEEE 802.3af standard, use recommended PoE injector only.

ESPECIALLY if the “recommended PoE injector” is the one YOU sell!  It’s pretty simple.  Meet IEEE 802.3af standard == PoE.  Don’t meet IEEE 802.3af == something the fuck else!

Sorry, just had to get that out of my system…. MORONS!

A Belated Holiday

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

-Martin Luther King Jr.

More links to unload from my bookmarks folder. It is always nice to clean up my bookmarks and putting them on the blog makes them very easy to find in the future. Why is it that I always have more to read than time to read it?

  • Destruction in Black America -This editorial by Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe talks about the reality of violence in black America.
  • 100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know -I know this is basically a publishing gimmick but it make for some interesting dictionary diving.
  • 75 Words Every Sci-Fi Fan Should Know -Now this is an interesting list of words. Something to appeal to the geek in all of us. Psychohistory is probably my favorite in the list, but I am a little bias towards Isaac Asimov.
  • How Software Companies Die -Software development is part art and part science. The “art” part of that equation takes special precedence when talking about cutting edge software engineering. Unfortunately those who do not understand IT (or even software development in particular) often fail to comprehend this fact. The tools of our past are often inadequate for the projects of our future. I run into this problem at my own company where those in charge are used to churning out a “product” and getting paid for that product
  • LISP, The Comic Book -I know the title doesn’t make sense but the link provides a very nice “high level” introduction into the most powerful (and unusual) programing language ever created.
  • Telephone Hacks -Nice list of features available to the telephone power user. The link is worth it just for the “tricking phone bots” tip.
  • A REAL Media Center Edition -Looking for a home media solution. Windows Media Center treats users like thieves, and Tivo is limited inflexible. Without exception LinuxMCE is the best home media management system in the world. If you don’t believe me check out the demo video. It will absolutely blow your mind. There is NOTHING like it anywhere else in the home entertainment world.

While Using Someone Elses Computer

I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.

-Steve Jobs

Couple quick links:

  • 36 Startup Tips — List  of useful tips for entrepreneurs.  Topics include software engineering, infrastructure, PR, conferences, legal, and financial.
  • HyperPics — The definitive AutoCAD/AutoLisp customization site.
  • Introduction to AutoLISP — For those who have never developed for AutoCAD before.
  • Jeff Sanders AutoLISP — Another pretty basic AutoLISP tutorial site.  Was particularly useful in getting the syntactical highlighting working for AutoLISP.
  • CAD Digest, AutoLISP Archive — Old articles on using, developing, and working with AutoLISP.

Two points for anyone who can guess what I have been working on the last couple weeks.

While I was Musing the Fire Burned.

There is pain, in this world, that once experienced leaves a permanent scar in our heart.  We are changed for as long as we live.  And though we walk through life, and laugh, and love; something of ourselves has been removed.

I believe, being Catholic, that when we talk about the peace of God; we are talking about that moment when God returns our hearts to the way they were before that pain.  To those who have experienced such suffering, that alone would be salvation.

Too Serious to be Left to Politicians.

Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.

–Ronald Reagan

The election season is upon us again, and I am prompted to post about a topic I have not discussed much in the last couple years (ignoring the fact that I didn’t discuss much of anything last year.) I have shied away from politics because I became so disgusted with the current political situation. Bush had driven me absolutely insane with issues like the Medicare prescription drug program, the Patriot Act I & II, illegal immigration, McCain-Feingold, and massive debt spending… and those are just the issues that make him look like a liberal.

I’ve just basically had it. The great ideology of the 94 Republicans is dead and we have killed them. Regan is turning over in his grave and all that most Republicans seem to care about is the war in Iraq. I want a real Republican.  I want a constitutionalist, a libertarian, and a federalist of old. Instead the Republicans in the legislature continually rolled over for Bush while Democrats simply let things get worse so they could point fingers during the next election. Then they get elected; and shrug their shoulders because “they cannot do anything without the Presidency.”

Now we get to the election and we have two Democrats that intend to do the exact same things as Bush (albeit with more spending, more regulations, and higher taxes) and one Democrat who ONLY seems to care about the war.
On the Republican side we have an even bigger problem. It seems we are stuck in the middle on an identity crisis with only two options being presented to us; the neocons or the sudo-evangelicals. Rudy isn’t a conservative on abortion, immigration, or gun control; Huckabee isn’t conservative on taxes or government spending; and Romney… well Romney is whatever he thinks I want him to be at any given moment.

I am DONE with choosing between the lesser of 8 evils! I am done with liberals dressed in the American flag claiming to be Republicans! I am done with politicians who claim to be capitalists because they support corporate welfare! And I am certainly done with ANY candidate with the last names of Bush or Clinton!

Thankfully there is not just a good option for President, but possibly the best candidate in the last 100 years. Someone who believes in what the founder fathers fought for. Someone who supports ALL of the Constitution, not just the parts they like. This year, for President, I am working for, giving money to, and voting for Congressman Ron Paul! I figure I can either vote for the America of our Constitution; or shut the hell up about being a real Republican.

The same mistakes, only sooner.

Yes, another set of links. I have a pretty massive bookmark list to empty out and everyone who visits suffers because of it.

  • Dijkstra’s Algorithm – Wikipedia is like a drug. Hello my name is Bob.
  • Beating Ubuntu – A editorial on how to take the Linux desktop title away from its current leader.
  • Desktop Linux: Mission Impossible – Editorial discussing if it is even possible for desktop Linux to ever win the OS war.
  • Kontact & Google Apps – Kontact is probably the best Outlook replacement on Linux and this tutorial by Linux.com helps you get it working with Google.
  • Retirement Mistakes – Ben Stein (look up his wikipedia bio, you will be floored by how smart this guy is) discusses the 3 biggest retirement mistakes people make.
  • Raising Smart Kids – Some tips on how to develop children with above average intelligence.
  • The POG Gallery – Glen Palmer first designed the closed bold semi-automatic paintball gun before the Auto Cocker had even been conceived. To this day his son makes the best paintball guns in the world (with not electronics in them.) Here are some beautiful examples.
  • Worlds Most Expensive Scotches – The title says it all.
  • Bill Cosby’s Rant – This is part of a speech Bill gave at the 50th Anniversary commemoration of the Brown vs Topeka Board of Education Supreme Court Decision.  It is an interesting commentary on the state of civil rights in the United States.
  • Are Rich People Parasites – An editorial by David Gordon that discusses the economic value of wealth in a free market society.

Sacred memories and future promise.

Got a couple links I have been meaning to post.

  • Coding Style – Is a post by Linus Torvalds about the success of Linux and why it should not be underestimated. The same explaination could be used to describe the success of capitalism.
  • Timevault – HowToForge article on getting desktop snapshots on Linux using Timevault. It’s Gnome/Ubuntu specific but still worth the read.
  • Ubuntu upgrade cycle and KDE – Is the initial article in hotly debated online discussion about the place of KDE in the Ubuntu world. I posted this for reference and not because I agree with the author, Stephen Shankland.
  • Webmin HowTo – Article discusses configuration and installation of Webmin, the most comprehensive web management utility in existence (for any OS.)  Webmin has been around for a long time and is an amazing management tool.
  • 20 Entrepreneurial Quotes –  Just like the title says.  A very nice list of inspirational quotes for the self motivated.
  • KWord Tips and Tricks – KWord is a word processing application for the KDE desktop enviroment.  It is lightweight, fast, and has some functionality that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the Open Source world.  A nice little howto for some of its features.
  • KDE vs Gnome – Another in the long list of vs articles between KDE and Gnome.
  • Getting Quickfind Fixed – If you have ever used Firefox’s QuickFind, then you can appreciate this fix.  If you haven’t used it, they you should really try it out.
  • Donald Knuth –  This is just the wikipedia article on Donald Knuth.  I have been reading some of his papers and wanted to reference his wikipedia bio.

Corrupting good manners.

2007 was the worst year I have had for keeping this blog regularly updated.  It was not from lack of intention but a product of over stimulation.  Writing has become a luxury I haven’t had time for since starting work at Cobb.  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to work on this.

This blog is the closest thing to a diary I have had, and I find myself a little disconnected without posting.  Links, updates, comments, and complaints I have had with myself disappear because of a lack of documentation. So, while this is not a big post; hopefully it will be a start… or rather a re-start.

I have also updated the wine list; adding, appropriately for the date, a couple bottles of sparkling white wine and a really awful Riesling.  I have started a scotch list, but don’t have enough to post just yet.  Thankfully a friend has remedied this problem and we will post that when I have had a chance to review those bottles.