Third times the charm

This post is comming to you from a Blackack II with Windows Mobile 6.0. I am not a fan of Windows, and the iPhone was easier to use (especially the web browser) but the full Outlook integration has simplified my workflow so dramatically that I already cannot imagine not having it. The AT&T had Windows Mobile, but without a full keyboard was almost unusable.

So until I find something better, the Blackjack II is my new phone.

He who does not ask

People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.

–Soren Kierkegaard

More bookmarks. I am dangerously close to becoming a referrer website with no content of my own but only Google ads and links. I suppose that is the reason I have refused to put ads on my blog; the last step off the precipice.

  • LinuxPlanet Tutorials — The complete list.
  • LinuxPlanet Backups Part 1 & Part 2 — I have been working on backup scripts for our company Linux servers. These links helped.
  • Ludwig von Mies Institute — Homepage for one of the premier classically liberal (a.k.a libertarian) think-tanks. Great articles for those who love freedom.
  • 10 Step Security — A short list on how to create you own company IT security policy.
  • Exercise, 10 Steps — This article is pretty boring until you get to the second half which lists some hints on how to start exercising.
  • Resultant Set of Policy Planning — Quick tutorial on setting Active Directory security policies for an individual computer.
  • America is NOT a free Country — An editorial by Fred Reed taking about how social liberalism has destroyed freedom in this country, only in good-old-boy terminology.
  • Fast Booting Linux — Open BIOS is a project to replace the existing IBM BIOS with and open source version that allows much faster booting, more flexibility, and easier configuration for third party hardware developers. Looks like it would be a good starting pad for a Linux hardware company.
  • Turning a flashlight into a burning laser — Like I need a description for this one.
  • Learning a new language — But not mastering it. Interesting article by Tim Ferriss about understanding the structure of a language enough to be able to ask questions and get answers. All in less than an hour.
  • Mahalo Search — A new search engine organized entirely by humans. Kinda like a combined Google/Wikipedia. Good results sets are the product. Also returns Google, Yahoo, MSN, Wikipedia, Youtube, and Flickr resutls.
  • Making invisible computer folders — A basic way to hide information on your computer. Is pretty worthless against someone actively looking for something but works well against casual observation.
  • Backup Planning for MySQL — An article by the folks from Zamanda, the people who develop the Amanda backup software.  Amanda is probably the best Open Source backup solution in existence.
  • Nagio — An open source network, server, and service monitoring tool.  Great way to remotely monitor the status of your network.
  • Nikto — An open source network scanner.  Also does comprehensive web server testing.

Oh, and just as an FYI. Did you know that if you Ctrl-Click on a Mozilla bookmark it will open in a new window. Same for middle click.

And thus it Never Ends

The forceps of our minds are clumsy forceps, and crush the truth a little in taking hold of it.

–H. G. Wells

The problem with failing to archive all my bookmarks for the last year or so, is that all my posts seem to nothing but bookmark lists.  Unfortunately this may continue to be the case for a while.

  • 20 Things To Know — This is a short list of things that the author wished he had known when he was younger.  These kind of “if I could do it again” lists are pretty common but this one hit a couple bells with me.
  • Website to Know — A list of 9 websites you haven’t probably heard of but should check out.  Or that is what the title says anyway.
  • Building a Life on $25 — A really amazing story from ABC News about Adam Shepard who decided to test the American Dream.  After college he gave up everything (including his associations) and started living on the street to see if he could (within a year) have a steady job, a car, and $1000 in savings.  He stopped his experiment after 10 months; but had an apartment, a steady job, a truck, and close to $5000 in savings.
  • Object ARX manipulation in AutoCAD 2008 — A drop piece covering the new API interface for AutoCAD.  The new .Net interface is actually externally available and doesn’t require AutoCAD to be running.  This allow for more flexibility in customizing the system; especially during deployment.

I’ve Memorized my Beer List

A little learning is a dangerous thing;
drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:
there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
and drinking largely sobers us again.

–Alexander Pope

I have updated the wine list with a couple new entries and have finally added the Scotch list.  Scotch is one of those things I buy and lasts me weeks, so I often forget which Scotches I have had and which ones I like.  For any Scotch drinkers out there; let me know if you have a recommendation.

My Bosses Computer

Quick Link, will update this post later as I have a couple others to put up:

  • Diploma Guide Linux — The link is to free Linux training but the site looks interesting for itself. Provides links to useful course ware in a variety of disciplines.
  • Montana Kaimin’s Ron Paul Apology — A couple days late, but at least they did better than most of the media.
  • The Invisible Candidate — Another story about the overall media blackout of Ron Paul. I had a hard time finding return results for Ron Paul on Tuesday; even when he came in second or third they would often skip over him when discussing “the three Republican candidates” returns.
  • 10 Year Old Reporter — Check out the 10 year old girl working to get a question to Ron Paul after the Reagan Library debates. Go get’em kid!
  • Nintendo Online — How many of you used to own (or like me still own) a Nintendo Entertainment System. Well now you can play all your old NES games online. Not the same without controller but still pretty awesome.
  • WordPress Automatic Upgrade — WordPress is the content management system I use for Vault.  It is very powerful, really easy to setup (well… easy for me anyway,) and has a huge list of custom plug-ins that do everything from tracking reading lists to filtering spam comments.  The link is to a new plugin for WordPress that allows you to install the newest version automatically.   It even creates back-ups before doing so; just in case.

Three For Feburary

We forfeit three-fourths of ourselves in order to be like other people.

–Arthur Schopenhauer

I had an insane couple days last week and never got around to posting these links.

  • 101 Desing Patterns — GREAT link. This website provides a list of common application development design patters and includes sudo code, flowcharts, and full process descriptions. A computer programmers best friend.
  • Linux Commands — A list of 77 Linux command line applications. A surprising number of them I didn’t know. Check out cmp and od.
  • Linux Home File Server — A Linux Journal article on building your own home file server on the cheep with Linux. You can configure NFS, Window File Shares, web management, FTP/HTTP access, and tons of useful file server stuff; all will old hardware you have lying around. I have two of these in my house (that I configured without this article) but this is a good tutorial for those who haven’t done it before.

Finally, I hope everyone who can, votes tomorrow. In spite of “Change we can believe in” there is really only one candidate that would bring about any meaningful change; and amazingly enough it’s a Republican.