The Weekly Geek Revolt

Ever wonder why (knowledgeable) IT folk continue to hate Microsoft?  Check out this article by Randall Kennedy.  Kennedy talks about The Great Moore’s Law Compensator (TGMLC), and euphemism for Microsoft’s constant expansion with regards to system requirements.  This constant bloating from software version to software version happens regardless of the actual proportional improvement to the software.  The effect is that we run hardware that is a 1000 times more powerful and it was just a dozen years ago; but the speed at which are applications run are basically identical (and in many cases actually SLOWER.)

The second link is to the video presentation of Mark Pesce discussing the role of piracy in the film/television industry.  It is a great rundown of the state and future of TV/film and the opportunities in those industries.  The basic rundown is that everyone is going to be better off except for the broadcasters; who will see their virtual Monopolies disappear and, with them, their huge profits.

No trick to being a humorist

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.


I just LOVE this post by Harry Browne titled The 7 Vital Principles of Government.  My favorite quote from the article comes in the conclusion:

If you really want to cure a pressing social problem, take steps outside the realm of government. If you don’t see how you can convince people to help you succeed in a non-governmental endeavor, how can you expect to control politicians who care nothing for your desires?

These principals may seem alien to many modern Americans; but it is exactly the mindset of the founders of our country.