Heaven v. Hell

Here is my superficial philosophy cross-connect for the week.  I found this on Susan Stepney’s website.  She is a a Professor of Computer Science at the University of York in the UK.


  • The police are British
  • The cooks are French
  • The engineers are German
  • The administrators are Swiss
  • The lovers are Italian


  • The police are German
  • The cooks are British
  • The engineers are Italian
  • The administrators are French
  • The lovers are Swiss

Now I am going to explain this entirely wrong (go ahead Roger, take my head off) but the Greeks had an idea that everything that existed, did so for a specific purpose.  And that the highest virtue in nature was to pursue that calling unto its utter perfection.  Doing so was, quite literally, “Good.”  Doing something counter to ones natural purpose was “Bad.”

It is amazing how subtle the difference between good and bad are.

The Days Tweets

  • corruptisima re publica plurimae leges (In the most corrupt state re the most laws) #
  • corruptisima re publica plurimae leges (In the most corrupt state re the most laws) —Tacitus, Anals III 27 #
  • Nothing infuriates me more than groups like Catholics United. I don’t have a problem with progressive Catholic Social Orgs but… #
  • watering down the abortion issue to make it more palatable to Catholic voters (especially when done by a Catholic) is immoral. #
  • The only thing that upsets me more is candidates who run on their “Catholic” credentials but have a consistent pro-abortion voting record! #

The Days Tweets

  • @BrotherMagneto Thomas C. Jackson said, “Only the jester could safely speak truth to power” in a sermon on April 1, 2008. #
  • @BrotherMagneto I prefer another version found on a game forum. “The kingdom is lost if only the jester can tell the truths from the lies.” #
  • I just read in eWeek (Vol25,No28:Born To Run) that 80 percent of businesses allow their users to run with admin privileges. Dear GOD??!? #
  • I hate this election! #
  • @BrotherMagneto This made me think of you: http://www.explosm.net/db/files/Comics/Kris/parrot.png #

Three More for the Fox

You will find that the State is the kind of organization which, though it does big things badly, does small things badly, too.

–John Kenneth Galbraith

Firefox is quickly becoming the one tool I cannot live without. While it works fine as a web browser, its plugin functionality has locked me in.  Now that I am using twitter fairly regularly, I wanted a quick and easy was to post tweets from within Firefox and, often, specifically related to the website I am visiting.  I found two:

  • TwitterFox — Is the most complete and easy to use twitter tool I have found.  Keyboard shortcuts for opening, viewing, and inserting URLs.  All URLs are auto-decoded and long URLs are automatically tinyURLed.  Even the pop-up box is attractive and unobtrusive.
  • TwitterBar — When you need an even faster way to tweet… simply type your tweet into the address bar of Firefox and put –post at the end.  POW, you have a new post.