The Days Tweets

  • @BrotherMagneto Newt Gingrich isn’t a Neocon but even if he was, that doesn’t automatically make him anti-gay marriage. #
  • @BrotherMagneto Neocons are interventionists on foreign policy by their domestic policy stances can vary greatly. #
  • @BrotherMagneto Yes, I have seen sourcewatch’s Neocon list, but classifying the Hover Institute and the American Enterprise Institute as… #
  • @BrotherMagneto Neocon think tanks is patently ridiculous. There are a number of fellows from both institutes that are isolationists and… #
  • the Council on Foreign Relations includes such “Neocon” members as Warren Buffet and Colin Powell. #
  • @BrotherMagneto Neoconservatism’s founders are hawkish liberals who fell out with the Dem party b/c of Vietnam. #
  • @BrotherMagneto Oh, I definitely think that Repub foreign policy has dramatically moved because of Neoconservative influence through Bush. #
  • @BrotherMagneto It was Neocon’s via Dick Cheney that said “deficits don’t matter.” As far as I know the PNAC never cared about fiscal debt. #
  • @BrotherMagneto The only Neocon supported policy in the Contract w/ America was a law banning US troops from fighting under a UN flag… #
  • @BrotherMagneto and cutting UN funding. Not exactly issues narrowly supported by an isolated sub group of Americans. #
  • @BrotherMagneto That is ultimately the greatest tragedy of the Bush years. The fall of Rep party to the hands of Evangelicals and Neocons. #

The Days Tweets

  • @lizgriffin 365 days through and too what crazy journey? #
  • Foxmarks (the most important Firefox plugin EVER) now supports passwords. Life is good. #
  • I found my 22 week running schedule. The calender is printed. Holy crap, I am actually going to do this… #
  • @BrotherMagneto Holy crap J… are you OK? You weren’t the victim, right? #

To Dare Mighty Things

“The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday I ran the Tulsa Route 66 Half Marathon.  This particular distance is a huge milestone for me as it is tied for the longest distance I have ever run.  My Junior year of college I took a marathon training class where our final was the Derby Days Half Marathon.  It’s like everything before this was getting me back to “where I was” and everything after this Sunday is new.

Here was my training schedule for the half marathon:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Week 1 Run 3 Miles Run 4 Miles Run 3 Miles Run 5 Miles
Week 2 Run 3 Miles Run 4 Miles Run 3 Miles Run 6 Miles
Week 3 Run 3 Miles Run 5 Miles Run 3 Miles Run 8 Miles
Week 4 Run 3 Miles Run 5 Miles Run 3 Miles Run 10 Miles
Week 5 Run 4 Miles Run 5 Miles Run 4 Miles Run 11 Miles
Week 6 Run 4 Miles Run 6 Miles Run 4 Miles Run 12 Miles
Week 7 Run 4 Miles Run 5 Miles Run 4 Miles Run 9 Miles
Week 8 Run 4 Miles Run 4 Miles Run 4 Miles Run 8 Miles
Week 9 Run 3 Miles Run 3 Miles Walk 2 Miles Half Marathon

The Tulsa Route 66 Half Marathon was a wonderful event with the exception of the food tent and the beer shortage.  Instead of putting out dozens of church tables with post-run fruits, sweets, and carbs; they funneled all the zombified runners into a food tent that was basically designed to accommodate a  church picnic and NOT 3000 energy starved sweat factories.  The tent had two lines (unmarked of course), one for post-run food and one for pizza & hamburgers.  For those who don’t know pizza after 13.1 miles sounds about as good as eating your own sock.  It took me over 45 minutes to get into the tent and , by that time, I was more than happy to eat my own sock.  Finally, after getting out of the tent, we were informed that there was no beer left for the runners.

If you want my run information you can check out my stats page, look at the overall half marathon finishers stats page, or see a picture of me on the website.

The race felt pretty good.  It was cold at the beginning but by mile three I was warmed up.  The last mile I started cramping because I hadn’t use the bathroom in a couple hours (hydration is good, over-hydration… not so much.)  There were only a few hills and they were at the very end of the race.

My workout distances were well space and I really didn’t suffer from any injuries.  A new pair of shoes helped significantly with my bruised tendon but I am glad I got them a month ago because it took my calves a couple weeks to get used to the new shoes.  I have realized that I need to do some kind of race every couple months because I had a noticeable motivation problem after about 7-8 weeks.  I expect my next “goal‘ to be 21-22 weeks out, so it will be really important to stay motivated.