What I have been Tweeting

  • Did nothing productive this weekend. Why isn’t hanging w/ my kids, reading a couple books, and movies w/ my wife, considered productive? #
  • My “time management” system has finally started to pay off in increase productivity… now if I can only find more hour in a given day. #
  • I think good time management is a process of simplification. This has provided me with the added benefit of de-cluttering my life. #
  • My brother told me the Godmother, his wife, might not be able to make it to my daughters baptism. She has evidently started dilating. #
  • I forgot about the water I put into the french press ohhh…. an hour ago. Looks like we will be having EXTRA strong coffee today. #
  • This http://bit.ly/nj23O
    is one of the most interesting child teaching methods I ever heard. Wonderful stuff. #