Linux is Magic

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
–Arthur C. Clarke

It has been entirely too long since I last ranted about how truly amazing Linux is. I have three different problems in the last 24 hours that all resolved themselves via a fairly simple Linux hack. There is some of links that were useful for resolving my problems:

  • Convert MS/Word to PDF OpenOffice/LibreOffice macro for automated doc to pdf conversion. Use a simply bash script to use call the macro without starting a GUI instance of oowriter.
  • wvWare & antiword — More examples of MS Word command line processing.
  • testdisk — Boot-able Linux CD Rom for fixing broken partition tables, corrupted MBRs, and recovering lost files.  I used to have to do this by hand with fdisk but testdisk makes it MUCH MUCH easier!
  • Repair Broken Grub Multi-boot — Stupidly simply tutorial for using Yast to repair a broken Grub install on OpenSuse.  Includes information on fixing the Windows boot options for Grub as well.
  • zipsplit — Got a zip file too large to upload/transfer/email?  Use zipsplit to split the zip file into multiple files base on size.  Careful, the size is specified in bytes so a 300mb files would be split like zipsplit -n 300000000  BTW it is significantly FASTER than re-zipping a file or even unzipping a file.