What I have been Tweeting

  • Trying out a command line twitter client. So far TTYtter is pretty awsome. #
  • Ya, TTYtter is pretty freggin awsome: http://t.co/wR3Fhy0K #
  • How do they find anyone to actually put up Mitt Romney posters? I don't know anyone who is actually excited enough about him to bother. #
  • In the world of computer science there are two kinds of documentation 1) Reference manuals for users who already know wh #
  • and 2) Simple HOWTO tutorials that are enough to get a new developer started… I always seem to be in the "OTHER" group from the one that #
  • Heather loved it when I showed her the RPG I made as a kid. I love that woman! #
  • new favorite playlist? metal covers of 80s songs! Dope, You Spin Me; Marilyn Manson, Tainted Love; Placebo, , running up that hill; etc.. #
  • #npr Remind me to follow Steve Martin's Caps Lock #
  • Best use for #Pabst I have ever seen. They aren't even worried about someone stealing it. http://t.co/6tRHueOz #
  • my wife always seems to root for the "bad guy" in movies. I need to stop being so nice to her. #

to understand the simplicity

Quick links to some Fedora repositories that I have been using on multiple machines.  For the last four years I have been using OpenSuse on my primary systems, but dumb decision after dumb decision has made it too frustrating for server use.  I don’t know how Windows users do it but I find it amazingly frustrating having to use one system for my desktop and another for my servers, so it is Fedora 16 all around.

  • Adobe Flash Repo — Hosted Fedora rpm’s for Adobe Flash.  Because we all need to to watch YouTube clips of the evolution of dance.
  • Fedora Project Third Party Repository List — Fedora keeps a list of approved third party repos.  The list is basically required for a truly complete Linux distribution.
  • RpmFusion — A uber useful repository made from the combined efforts of three of the best RPM repositories Fedora ever had; Dribble, FreshRPMS, and Livna.
  • Livna — Yes, yes, I know I just said that RpmFusion combined the efforts of Livna; but for legal reason there was a single package that could not be included in RpmFusion.  Livna has stayed in existence for distribution of this single package and maintains compatibility with both the RpmFusion repos and the primary Fedora repos.
  • nodejs — Fedora repository linking to primary node.js and Google V8 packages.  Node.js is a JavaScript platform built on Google’s Chrome JavaScript runtime.  This allows you to build JavaScript files as locally executable applications the same way you would Python or Perl.
  • Google Apps — There are actually links to popular Google applications (Map, Chrome, etc.) The rpm packages, when installed, actually add their remote repositories to your yum list for future updates.