Monthly Archives: September 2012

What I have been Tweeting

  • Anyone who thinks government is the answer to our healthcare problems should make a trip to the drivers license office. #neverendingwait #
  • Contacted 5 govmt offices, in 2 states, waited 2.5 hours in 1 of those offices; to fix a ticket from 2000 and resolved in 2009… REALLY??!? #

Starting Dropbox

My brother wanted a quick explanation on how to create an executable to start Dropbox. While I was helping him he was kind enough to mock my freakishly awesome IBM Model M Unicomp keyboard… the greatest keyboard in the world. This setup is designed to work the the local tar.gz install of Dropbox on Linux and NOT the rpm based install (that requires Gnome for the file manager.)

Create a new file in your ~/bin directory called with the following content

~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd &

After you have saved the file make the file executable by typeing

chmod 755 ~/bin/

Now you can start up dropbox by clicking on that icon at any time.