Thunder on the Plains

ThunderPlains 2015 is over and overall I was impressed with the quality of the presentations, the overall event, but mostly the OKC community as a whole.  Particularly as this was only the second year of this event.

The day started with a significant announcement, will hold its first meeting later this month.  Most people who know me, know that I am a small government libertarian; but I am a huge fan of local government (government is best when it is closest to the people it represents.)  This will give coders a chance to service their local community.  The first meeting will be on October 27th at 6:00 PM, check out the meetup.

Listed is some of the presentation material, links, and references mentioned by the presenters (at least for the sessions I attended.)

Mobile Applications with JS & Iconic

So Tell Me Again Why We’re not Using Node.js

Supercharge Your Productivity with Ember.js

Building Massive Angular Apps

Your Grandparents Probably Didn’t Have Node

The Importance of Building Developer Communities