VAULT Gallery


Rachel Ellen

Pictures of my newborn daughter and family. Taken minutes after the birth.

John Preston

Pictures of my newborn son and family. Taken hours after the birth.

Hannah Marie

Probably the second most beautiful family in the world. Hannah looks alot like the UPS man.

Spring 2008 Family Stuff

Family vacation in Houston, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and Jacks Birthday.


Oklahoma University

A book report on our neighborhood was the cause of these images. Welcome to Norman, OK.

New Mexico

My wife takes a trip to New Mexico and all I got were these lousy pictures.

Kesslers Farm

Pictures taken of a farm outside of Norman OK. Taken for a Geoscience project.

Oklahoma Panhandle

Beautiful western Oklahoma.  Fall of 2010.


Palmer Paintball Guns

Palmer Typhoon Pictures of the greatest paintball guns ever made. The Palmer Pursuit Shop’s Typhoon and Nasty Typhoon (i.e. double barreled Typhoon.)

College Football Uniforms

Penn State Image list of my favorite college football uniforms. Based on this post.

Funny Stuff

Dilbert Comic Thumb Nail Comic Strips, funny captions, weird pictures, and misc. stuff.


Jeeps, Jeeps and more Jeeps! CJ series and older.

My Desktops

Screenshots taken at of my computer desktops. Dates vary greatly as some of these are almost 5 years old.


The things I put in the background. I should have started keeping these long ago, but at least I have found many of the ones I used to use.